A Museum for All


On any given day at the Museum of Science, the lobby is sure to be filled with excited, wide-eyed kids who can’t wait to be let loose in the Exhibit Halls. When a child enters 1 Science Park, there is always something new to spark their imagination and inspire them to dream big. Experiences like a Museum visit can have a profound formative impact on a child, sometimes even setting them on the path to a STEM career.

But for some children, a day at the Museum is out of reach, and these young minds miss out on   opportunities their peers take for granted. The Museum strives to break down barriers prohibiting access, and ensures that children from all backgrounds have the opportunity to experience its magic.

In the past year, hundreds of previously underserved kids have gained unparalleled access to the Museum. They always been committed to expanding their reach into the community, and a new partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) has set out to serve a deserving group: the Commonwealth’s foster children and their families.


A Powerful Partnership

Remarkable Results