The Omni Odyssey: An inside look at the origin of the Mugar Omni Theater


“The essence of New England is in the way we look at things. Any vision of New England must honor the past, but gaze steadily into the face of the future.” 

These resounding words, narrated by Leonard Nimoy, originally came to life through the speakers of the Mugar Omni Theater, surrounding guests as they embarked on an incredible visual excursion while experiencing the original pre-show film New England Time Capsule.

For more than 30 years, the Mugar Omni Theater has changed the way New Englanders and visitors at Science Park experience film. The theater is home to the IMAX® projection system and the region’s only 180-degree dome. At five-stories high, the screen immerses audiences in an awe-inspiring journey. With a recent transformational gift from David Mugar, the Museum of Science will once again embrace the future and convert the theater, a beloved New England icon, from 70mm film projection to a state-of-the-art 4k/digital laser projection system.

“The new technology is ready and we want to make sure that the New England area has the most updated Omni experience,” Mugar said. “By upgrading to digital, the Museum will be able to capture the minds of a new generation.”


The Origin of Omni

Immersive Impact

Vibrant Vision