The Washburn Society


For many people in the greater Boston community, the name Brad Washburn is a familiar one. If one did not know him personally, they certainly knew him as the founder of the Museum of Science, Boston, its iconic president for 41 years, and then honorary director until his passing in 2007.

How fitting, then, that the Museum of Science has named its legacy society to honor Brad Washburn and his wife, Barbara. Washburn had a vision for the Museum that we see realized today in the exciting exhibits and innovative programs that are now his legacy. The Washburn Society members represent a special community of people who share Brad’s vision to build and strengthen our endowment; to fund new educational initiatives; to provide vital support to areas of greatest need; and to help transform the nation’s relationship with science and technology today and tomorrow.

Please contact  to learn how you can participate in the Museum of Science’s legacy and become a member of the Washburn Society.